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We offer commercial grade, integrated open source ERP, built on a powerful Model-driven Application Platform. Our ERP business solutions can help you to automate financial, distribution, sales and service processes quickly and affordably.


Global Financial Management :
One system automates the processes of your business solution and manages your financial records.
Warehouse Management :
Improve warehouse productivity by automating inbound and outbound logistics.

Purchasing :
Automate the steps from procurement to payment.

Manufacturing :
Control Manufacturing operations with material planning, production scheduling and shop floor execution capabilities.
Materials Management :
Manage inventory receipts, shipments, moves and counts across your warehouses, suppliers and customers.
Sales :
Control your valuable customer relationship management solutions.
Order Management :
Create quotes, book orders, manage materials, generate invoices and collect cash.
Service  :
Manage the entire Service delivery lifecycle.
Standard Reports :
Report and manage the performance of your enterprise using standard reports and integrated reporting tools.
Business View Layer :
Securely access business data through optimized reporting schemas.
3rd Party Analysis Tools :
Use your choice of third-party reporting and analysis tools to analyze ERP and CRM data.

Customer History :
See a 360 degree view of interactions with your customers.


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